About Us...

About Us

Our mission; Service and product quality, our industry continues to consolidate our strong position in Turkey
and our product quality and further improve the services we provide to ensure customer loyalty and growth in all service units.

Our vision; Customers, herself, feel their work, applying the same standard in all units in the chain
all stakeholders (customers, employees, owners, suppliers) be a company that meets the expectations of the highest level worldwide.

Kadıoğlu Group

Our Slogans

Project Design; In shops, market, store all your work in ... require precision, the best results

High standards in production; quality and aesthetics to bring to the fore the high standard in the forward section of the moving together of all production is our strength.

Quick Installation and First Class; customers are very important to provide the best service and work done to satisfy them. Quick Installation and First-Class is the recycling of this principle.

Dream To Reality Perfect Solutions; Customer satisfaction is moving all the units, illusion caused by the real positive contribution to Perfect Solutions.

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ADDRESS Abdi İpekçi Cad. SGK Kavşağı
E-MAIL info@antalyaraf.com
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